Leutholdstrasse 22, CH-8037 Zürich

Marianna Galbusera and Lajdi Sulaj have been working together as architects since 2016. In 2020 they have founded their practice Studio Vlora, based in Zürich and Milano. Studio Vlora believes that spaces and ideas should be deeply connected, in order to create meaningful objects. The result must lead to an architecture that stands between intellectual complexity and universal understanding.

List of works
– House of dimension, Tokyo (JP), Competition with AA Collective, 2016
Lanzarote Music Hall, Lanzarote (ES), Competition, 2017
– Apartment 01, Rimini (IT), Private Commission, Completed, 2017
Cook8, Athens (GR), Competition, 2018
Albanian Pavilion at the Venice Bienale (IT), Competition with cortese/mazza, 2018
Gentle Invasion, Tirana Architecture Week (AL), Competition with cortese/mazza, 2018
Apartment 02, Milan (IT), Private Commission, 2019
Hostelraum, Salzburg (A), Competition with Jan De Vylder Inge Vinck Architecten and cortese/mazza, 2019
Kindergarden in Lamone, Ticino (CH), Competition with grillovasiu, 2019
Anti-libreria, Design Object, Realised, 2019
– Albanian Pavilion at the Venice Bienale (IT), Competition, 2019
Apartment 03, Milan (IT), Private Commission, Completed, 2019-2022
White studio, Private Commission, Rimini (IT), Ongoing
Fabric and Wood Pavillion, MDW for Materica, Milano (IT), 2021, Completed
Centrifugo, Design Object, Realised, 2021
Bar Piazza, Pavillion im Park for HGZZ, Zürich (CH), Competition, 2021
– Concorso Nuovi stabili scolastici comparto Bosciorina, Biasca (CH), Competition with grillovasiu, 2021
Goutte Saint-Mathieu, Bernex (CH), Competition with VG13, 2021
STCA Ingrado, Bellinzona (CH), Competition with grillovasiu, 2021
Tagesbetreuung Boppartshof, St. Gallen (CH), Competition, 2021
– Apartment 04, Rimini (IT), Private Commission, 2021 – Ongoing
Ersatzneubau Wohnsiedlung Luchswiese, Zürich (CH), Competition with grillovasiu, 2022
– House in Salari (AL), Private Commission, 2021 – Ongoing
– Apartment 05, Tirana (AL), Private Commission, 2022 – Ongoing

– Fake/Authentic, Museo d’Arte e Scienza,  Milano (IT), 2019
– Fake/Authentic at Sala Delle Colonne, Como (IT), 2019
– Fake/Authentic at 4Spaces Gallery, Zurich (CH), 2019
Collectible Design Fair, Bruxelles (BE), 2020
HOPE  SPRINGS  ETERNAL, Second nature design project, Zurich (CH), 2020
WHAT MAY HAPPEN  Second nature gallery, Saint Moritz (CH), 2021
Atelier Ecru x Objects With Narratives, Ghent (BE),  2021
DesignGalerie @ Museum, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur (CH), 2022

– Museo Arte e Scienza, Milan (IT), 2019 
– ADI Design Museum, PLATFORM Italy 2020 Best Italian architects and designers under 40 meet Milano (IT), 2020
– 15 Architetture Italiane, Dipartimento Architettura e Design, Università di Genova, Genova (IT), 2021 

MONTAGSREIHE, Fakultät für Architektur Technische Universität München (DE), 2021

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