Studio Vlora is an architectural duo.

Founded in 2017 by Marianna Galbusera (Milano, 1989) and Lajdi Sulaj (Vlora, 1991) is based at the moment in Zürich (CH) in the number 22 of Leutholdstrasse.

Nevertheless, Studio Vlora has not a defined border. It has a liquid shape that spreads itself from the southern coast of Albania and goes over the Gotthard Pass, till the canton of Zürich.

In this journey, Studio Vlora loses drops of water somewhere in Italy, in Rimini and then in Milano, where the first projects grow.

The declaration of independence of Albania from the Ottoman Empire, was proclaimed in Vlorë (Vlora) on 28 November 1912…

Since 2017 we had the chance to collaborate with :

AA Collective

Claudio Cortese . Barbara Mazza

DIMA – Digital Images of Architecture (Tommaso Casalini)

Jan De Vylder


Jacopo Valentini

Atelier Nido


Rocco Vitali