Déjà-vu | 2018

“Memory really matters…only if it binds together the imprint of the past and the project of
the future, if it enables us to act without forgetting what we wanted to do, to become without
ceasing to be, and to be without ceasing to become.”

Italo Calvino
A beach, a path, a line, a dam, a restaurant, a hotel, a museum, a football eld, a sea, a piazza, a meeting point, a wall, a protection, a park, a museum…
All these words are representing an idea, our idea, of a project that gives a strong response to the needs of the site. A project that involves the contest, that protects it and combines itself with it. We want to give a new life to the whole area, a new concept of living it, a project that creates a coexistence between public and private spaces, between artificial and natural environment.
We want to give a unique response to the actual and future problems of the site : making the area attractive for the tourists and protecting the landscape from the future growth of the sea level.
In our case, we protect and create infrastructures for the tourists with one building, a circular building that reacts as protection and functional element.
Our project has two different meanings, depending on the sea level: today will be a one poor infrastructure, made for the needs of the tourists, creating spaces and places to accomodate and attract them. Tomorrow the project will act like a dam, the wall will protect the inside of the building permitting to all the beautiful and rare landscape to survive untouched.
The roof of the building will be the new beach, and it has the same length of the existing beach.
Project team :
Marianna Galbusera
Lajdi Sulaj
In collaboration with :
Claudio Cortese
Barbara Mazza