One table 8 spaces | 2017

One room divided in eight spaces by a system of arcades, connected by one table. The table is the meeting element of all the spaces, acting like a piazza. Walking around the table you are inside a repetition of rooms. Only by using it you experience the entire pavilion as one space.
The arcades articulate the path through the different areas (storage, preparation, consumption and hygiene), giving a scenographic effect of a stage to the table.
The table is not just a piece of furniture. By containing all the elements needed for dining and cooking activities it acts as an infrastructure of connection.
The horizontality of the table with the verticality of the arcades articulate the space, creating a new form of socialisation, during the ritual of preparing and eating food.

Project Team :
Marianna Galbusera
Lajdi Sulaj


DIMA – Digital Images of Architecture