House of Distance | 2016

We believe that the idea of dimension doesn’t have to relate directly to the word measure, it can go far beyond that. We were fascinated by the concept of making a house focusing on the distance between the spaces.
How could be a house where the distance between people and spaces creates the house itself?
The building has to become a device that constantly creates distance. Starting from the courtyard typology, where the distance is generated by a void, we designed a house where the distance is generated by a volume. This becomes the building’s core, defining the hierarchy of the distances
in the house. The house take a sort of a labyrinth concept, where the paths around the core create the distances and always the feeling of being inside a bigger organism.
The bond between the central core and the outer walls become the potential of the project, generating a new perception that expands the sense of the living space.

Project Team :
Marianna Galbusera
Lajdi Sulaj

In collaboration with :

AA Collective